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Croatia map Dubrovnik is the city situated on the east coast of the Adriatic sea in part called Dalmatia. Just across Italy. It is the biggest tourist center in Croatia. Arhitecture, nature and climate makes it unique in the World. Dubrovnik is a very old town and it has a wall all araund it. The view from it is breathtaking. When you are in Dubrovnik you must take a boat tour to some of it's islands near by. Sea water is so clear that you can see 50 m. under sea level. As a touristic destination Dubrovnik provides all you may need from sea and sun to restorans and night clubs. Dubrovnik ranks among the sunniest towns of southern Europe. In July it has 12.4 hours of sunshine a day, like Alexandria in Egypt. On top of all that there are many different cultural events taking place in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik b&b location Lodging we offer ( house is marked on the photo ) is at the very entrance to the Old Town, Gate of Ploce. It is possible to approach by car. Public parking is available by the house. In the radius of 50 m. are newsstand, bistro, grocery store, post office, restaurant, bakery, bus stop, taxi station and car rental.
  Beach is 150 m. away. ( see EastWest Beach Club Banje - click here )

Dubrovnik b&b through the Old town gate of Ploce

On the left is photo of the house taken through the town gate of Ploce. Dubrovnik bed and breakfast is on the second and top floor.

Dubrovnik panorama Dubrovnik panorama photo taken from our balcony. Italy is straight accros, London to the right and Greece to the left. It is a very big picture so wait a little for loading.
For Dubrovnik Old town virtual tour please click here.

Old Town Dubrovnik satellite photo Here is Dubrovnik b&b 's Google Map location with GPS coordinates.

Dubrovnik old town map

On the left is the Dubrovnik Old Town map. Many tourist attractions are marked on it.
It used to be a big picture 20 years ago. Since this is a "retro" site it is still here and it will load very quickly today.


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